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eInsurancePortal currently covers Life Insurance, Car Insurance and Health Insurance. We'll soon expand into other categories like Accident, Home Owner's and Third Party Liability Insurance.


Life Insurance: The insurer pays the assured sum to the nominee of the policy upon the policyholder's demise. Buy >>>


Car Insurance: Taken for an automobile, a car insurance policy covers the risk of damage to a third-party at the minimum, and, for a higher premium, to the driver as well. Buy >>>


Health Insurance: At the minimum, the insurance company pays for any hospitalization of the insured person. It may also be possible to pay additional premium and obtain coverage for consultation charges and medicines. Buy >>>


Accident Insurance: Covers hospitalization, disability or death arising out of automobile and other accidents.


Home Owner's Insurance: Protects your house and contents inside it from losses arising from burglary, earthquake, flooding, and so on.


Third Party Liability Insurance: Supposing an un-extinguished cigarette butt burns off a part of the flooring of your rented house. A third-party liability insurance policy will pay the owner for the repair costs.




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